Test And Measurement

Digital Microscope


ViTiny digital microscopes and borescopes are high quality products with clear images, fast response, innovative designs and affordable prices. We serve various industries such as manufacturing, electronics, transportation, mining, oil and gas, chemicals, agriculture, aerospace and aviation, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, medical devices and education institutions.

Environmental Chamber and Oven


Vostron is an industrial test chamber and oven manufacturer, we supply both brand new and refurbished chambers. Our scope of business includes sales, rental. Maintenance and calibration services. Vostron test chambers are widely used for various applications such as IT, electronics, aerospace, defence, scientific, medical laboratories, manufacturing research and development. Our products covers ; Temperature & Humidity Chambers, Industrial Ovens, 19” Test Rack Chambers, Environmental Stress Screening Chamber ( ESS), Walk-In Chamber and Benchtop Chambers.